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45SP BRASS 500

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If you shoot long enough you'll run into the odd character known as the Brass Chicken. This clown has the ability to vacuum up every piece of your brass, often before you've finished shooting.

If you shoot matches, you've encountered the lost brass concept. So named due to the RO's having their time compensated with your brass.

Enter the small primer 45.

I honestly believe this brass was designed solely to give the brass whores of the world fits. Load it, shoot it, and let it lay!

Smile all the way home knowing that you just jammed their machine or caused them to pee their pants when the primers start popping.

Seriously though, this is good 45 brass. All from police ranges and outside of an odd primer size, and probably needing a swage to ensure pocket fit - its good stuff.

500+ once fired 45ACP small primer brass. Cleaned but unprocessed.

Mixed headstamps. Mixed yellow and nickel. There may be a few large primer cases mixed in.

To ensure you get at least 500 loadable cases, we toss in extra.

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