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Case gauging is remedial 101. There is nothing more aggravating and time consuming, but it MUST be done. Even those of us who shoot Glocks know the joy of a tap rack drill in the midst of what should have been a 4 second blaze.

Sure, you can drop each once of your rounds into the barrel. You can do the same with a single gauge. You can graduate to a 5 hole, maybe to a 20 hole. There are 50 hole wonders out there as well. In the beginning of the process you have a pile of rounds - at the end you have a pile as well and unless your tossing your rounds into a bag your going to need to put them somewhere.

Enter the HUNDO!

One HUNDRED rounds!

At the end slide an MTM or other ammo box over the top, flip them both over and as the French say V OLAY you've got them good to go.

We gauged, inspected, boxed and thumbs up'd 1000 rounds in about 30 minutes.

If your serious about your ammo (reloaded or not), your gonna want this - hell, you NEED this.

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