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We're getting quite a bit of inquiries about trigger locks.  Multiple searches on the site along with emails.

Here's the deal - trigger locks are FREE.

They come with every new firearm sold in the US.  They are available at almost every Police Department and most Fire Departments free for the asking.  TDS feels it would be unreasonable to offer for sale that which you can obtain for free.

That said, there are MUCH better options to secure a firearm.  The only real use of a trigger lock is for long term storage.  If a firearm is to be stored, say in a closet and not intended for rapid retreival, a trigger lock can be useful.  Traveling with a firearm among your belongings is another potential use of a trigger lock.

Unlike safes, lock boxes, and other options, most trigger locks offer a bare minimum of "safety".  We advise you to speak with someone regarding your firearm safety concerns and aquire a solid and effective solution.  We are available to help you with this.



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