How do I buy Ammunition?
You must be at least 21 years old for pistol ammo and have never been convicted of a felony. You must comply with all your local laws. If you cant have it - don't order it. When you complete the order process you click a box that says there is no reason you cant have what your ordering.

What are my Local and State laws regarding what I want to buy?
This is a very good question. YOU must know that your purchase will not violate any of your local or state laws. Asking the right people the right questions and research is the best answer. Contact your State Attorney General's office, check their website, get in touch with your local Law Enforcement.

Is it legal to buy, use "Law Enforcement Ammo"?
Yes it is! Winchester and Federal decided to make LEO only rules but its just their rule, not a law.
To the best of my knowledge, there is NO state that regulates any particular brand of ammo. Certain states do regulate hollow points or certain bullet configurations so check your local laws but as for any ammo marked LEO, there is no law prohibiting civilian uses.

Is everything shown on the web site in stock?
All ammunition shown is "in house". No-one drop ships ammunition. However, in order to offer some of the product lines we utilize "Drop Shipment" direct from distributors. While this is great and allows us to offer many products at reduced prices, occasionally the product ordered may be out of stock at the distributor. If this happens we will contact you and credit your order appropriately.

How do I cancel an order with TDS?
This doesn't happen much but when it does it's a PITA. Orders go directly to the floor for packing - often they are ready to fly within an hour of being placed depending on the contents. That said if for some reason you need to cancel, you MUST notify us within 2 hours of ordering.
If you cancel the order after the 2 hours and it has been processed through our system but has not been shipped you will be charged a 10% order processing fee. This fee is to cover the time and labor it takes to process an order.
If you cancel an order and it has been shipped you will be charged a 10% restocking fee, $11.00 per package for a UPS intercept fee and return shipping back to us, which will be the amount of the shipping you originally paid.
UPS charges us the intercept fee and the return shipping, so we are in no way profiting from these charges.

Return Policy
Ammunition can't be returned nor can firearms so that's easy.
Accessories ship from TDS and direct from a distributor so the policy is to send us an email. We then issue a RMA number and tell you where it ships to. You are responsible for shipping unless the item is the wrong one (meaning we screwed up). Once the item is received an in store credit is issued less a 10% Restocking fee - unless the screw-up is ours or the item is defective
Like everywhere its got to be unused, in the original packaging, along with all the paperwork and the RMA on the box/label.
If there is a problem, let me know and we'll get it straight.

CLOSEOUTS - If you order a closeout item it is NON RETURNABLE.

Whats the warranty policy?
Years ago I had a shop next to a guy who sold motorcycles. He used to tell everyone that the policy was "If it breaks in a million pieces, I guarantee you own every one of them". TDS works on the principle that we will guarantee our work - meaning we will make right any mistakes we make. We will also do everything we can to help you deal with the manufacturers. All the folks we work with have warranty policies and stand behind their products. Make sure you register your product (if applicable) and keep your paperwork.

How do I get in touch with TDS?
Everyday I get a ton of questions about this or that. If each question came in by phone we'd never get anything done, so email is the way to go - Send an email to: info@tds-us.com goes directly to me and makes my pocket vibrate constantly.

Can I call an order in?
In order to generate the "pick slips" and labels it all has to go through the site. Besides that, if we were to take a phone order we'd have to key in everything just like you do including your card number. Using the site we NEVER see your card number - which is the way I want it - safe, secure, no questions.

Are there Military or LE discounts?
Not any more. When inventory was plentiful there were discount codes that allowed for that, but quite frankly when everything went south as far as availability we had to make a choice. Either we could keep the doors open or we could offer discounts, make a few folks happy and end up as clerks at Walmart. We're trying everything we can to have items in stock and offer them at a reasonable price without offering discount codes.

How do I buy a firearm from TDS?
Cash is always good! Seriously, its fairly simple.

*Send TDS a SIGNED FFL Unless you have an FFL of your own, find a FFL who's going to do the transfer for you. Have him send a signed copy of his FFL to us. We can accept faxed (603-842-5528) copies.
While your talking to them about the FFL, make sure what your buying is LEGAL in your area - just because you can pay for it doesn't mean you can have it.
You can actually select what you want before the FFL step, but in some area there are restrictions - if your sure you can have it in your area it doesn't matter which order you do things in.
*Select what you want If its on the TDS site its straight forward. Add it to your cart and pay for it. You can do this step first but if you can't find an FFL (its usually not hard) or what you want isnt legal in your area your going to have a $25.00 cancellation fee to kill the order.
*Complete the transfer Your folks call you and you go fill out the 4473 with them and poof you've got your new baby
If you are DENIED at your FFL realize that TDS will NOT accept return of the firearm - DO NOT ORDER WHAT YOU CANNOT OWN
Fax # 603-842-5528