Whether your simply enjoying some range time, practicing for an upcoming match, or taking a class one of the things you want is some ammunition that wont have you hearing a cash register ring everytime you pull the trigger. 

Lets face facts.  When we step out on the range no matter how serious your session is, in the end all you've done is punch some pretty little holes in the most vicious paper products you could find.  Not one of your projectiles fully expanded or fullfiled it's intended mission until it was lost in the berm or the trap.  And no matter how adamantly you argue, not even your best friend is going to buy that the reason you had a 10" spread at 7 yards is because of crappy ammo. 

We've all heard the "practice with what you carry" along with "never trust reloads" and there are the folks that look down on this round or that manufacturer for a myriad of reasons.   Well to all that I humbly present that if you have the funds to practice with what you carrry - good for you.  More local, state, national, and world championships have been won using reloads than factory - it is true that only a fool carrys reloads for defense.  And finally, all manufacturers have to comply with SAMMI specifications and oddly there is no difference in the specs between those for defensive or range/practice.

So in the end if you have a round that your firearm works well with, the bullet punches those pretty little holes, and your wallet doesnt cry everytime you pull the trigger - your golden.


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