Customer Props

Every so often its nice to hear something positive.  Helps us remember why were doing this.  Thanks to all of you!

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome deal on this awesome ammo!    Bought the S&B hardball to break in my BRAND NEW Kimber Super Carry Pro and it functioned FLAWLESS!!!!!    100 rounds downrange without a single ammo (or gun) issue!! I will be buying more and recommending this to anyone looking for some highly functional range ammo.
I had never dealt with TDS before, but they had the ammo I needed in stock so I ordered a small quantity. I recieved it a few days later, right brand, but wrong caliber. I fired off a quick e-mail and got a reply right away, keep the wrong ammo, the right stuff is on it's way. Sure enough, got it today. I'll be ordering from them again, John at TDS is a stand-up guy. Check out

"Hello,  I just wanted to thank you guys personally for the quick, easy, smooth, and most of all WELL PRICED product and service you provided me. You guys are the best, no-nonsense online ammo company I have used. Unlike all the other online stores, I can not wait until I place my next order with you!!
  Thanks again,"

 "Thanks John, I appreciate your efforts. I will remember you when I and other officer's personally need ammo"

 "Always a pleasure dealing with TDS."

"I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to narrow down my options and find a round that I like and that my gun cycles well. By limiting customers purchases and y doing so have halted hording you have given the many people like me an opportunity to find quality ammo at reasonable prices. Thanks again for everything"

"TDS is a awesome site I try to tell all my fellow law enforcement friends about it."

"By the way, great website, great blog, decent pricing.  Good Job!!"

"I order ammo from you guys all the time and want to compliment you on your great prices and availability

"and it seems like TDS has a great reputation for all  ammo transactions"

"I want to thank you very much for the top quality service and ammo at such a great price also the ultra fast shipping was unexpected and wonderful. I will definitely order more from TDS and I have been referring a lot of my co-workers and friends to visit the website. There is no other like Tactical Defense Solutions on the net from my research and I want to say thank you again for offering the best kinds of ammo with superb service.

  "I finally got to plink some of the "ATI MKE 5.56X45 62GR M855/SS109 FMJ" ammo on my Robinson Armament XCR and I have to say this is a quality round. I will certainly make my next purchase through TDS. Great turnover & products."

  "I recently purchased an order from your company and was very pleased with the quality of service in all respects."

  "Thank you for your service and dedication to your fellow countrymen!  I don’t say that lightly."

  "I just wanted to thank you guys personally for the quick, easy, smooth, and most of all WELL PRICED product and service you provided me. You guys are the best, no-nonsense online ammo company I have used. Unlike all the other online stores, I can not wait untill I place my next order with you!!

 "Thank you, Sir.  These things are a bit scarce and I've gotten skittish just trying to get my hands on one.  I will sing your praises as THE place to find them."

  "Thanks again for the great customer service and not gouging us to death with your prices like other retailers. You guys got a life long customer keep up the good work".

"Your prices are fair considering the shortages being experienced during the present time.  Service and quick shipping are both excellent.
Many thanks again for your help."
"Sir, you have exceeded expectations and been a pleasure to deal with.  I will remember this for future orders."

 "With your prices being so great I just wanted to make sure that all ammo on the site is new factory in the box and not reloaded ammo"

"I greatly appreciate everything. You have great customer service, and a happy customer here"

"I am impressed in the way in which you do business, and I appreciate the assistance in this matter." 

"how dedicated you are to customer satisfaction.  For that - I am truly appreciative, and would not hesitate to buy more ammunition from you in the future.  Thank you very much.  You have a new customer that will definitely be a repeat customer."

"First of all, I just wanted to say that I am very happy with your website, and the products that you offer.  I have placed a couple of orders and was very happy with the experience and results"

"I recently purchased some ammo from you and was very pleased with the speed of which it was shipped and the  packaging as well. I intend on being a long-time customer and only wish I discovered your site long ago.
Thank you for all you do and for letting me take up some of your time"

 "Thank you for getting back to me. The items have arrived. You have another satisfied costumer"

"10-4. thanks again! your prices are amazing!!!!"

"My recent order just arrived and I just want to express my gratitude once again for everything."

"To be honest I was a little worried when I never received a shipping notification (usually you guys are great about emailing me within a short
time) and I wondered if something was out of stock. Not a big deal as I know it's hard enough to keep track of everything, update the website , email
notifications and make everyone happy by sending out orders on time during normal times ... nevermind now. But you came through with flying colors yet
once again and I am pleased and impressed to say the least."

"Keep up the great work and again, thank you for everything."

"Thank you for supporting the troops. Really helps out us lowly enlisted folks!"

"Hi- thanks for the real-time inventory on your web site and incredibly fast shipping. I was thoroughly impressed with TDS. "

"I like doing business with people like you that care and stand up for what they believe in!"

 "I think I found my "go to" place for defensive ammo!"

  "I am very impressed with everything you did for me. I'm not sure if you want more business in these days of all the panic buying, but I will very strongly recommend you and your company to my friends and family."

"Very impressed with your services and response time. I will definitely tell my other gun head buddies to check your website out. Thank you"

"This was my first time doing business with your co. You will have my repeat business due to the smooth transaction and excellent customer service. Thanks for what you guys do"

"I must say that I am VERY impressed with your company!  Thank you very much.  I will most definitely be recommending your company, and website, to my friends."

"I do not have a question. I justed wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order. Your website was easy to navigate and you shipped my product almost immediately. This was my first order from TDS but not my last.  Good Job!!!!"

"For what it's worth, I'm DAMN impressed and will surely buy from you again"