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Speer Gold Dot has been the in the service magazines of Law Enforcement since soon after it was released.  It is still one of the authorized rounds for the FBI along with HST.  In fact the FBI has called out Gold Dot and HST as the rounds that the new 9mm handguns will be will be tested with during the selection process.

The critical difference between the Gold Dot rounds and all others is that the round is by design - bonded.  Bonded rounds are designed to withstand fragmentation, separation and offer minimal deflection when shooting through a barrier.  Be it auto glass, interior walls, etc, the round is by nature designed to retard expansion on initial impact.

Speer Gold Dot continues to be issued and carrried into harms way with confidence.

Whether for daily carry (CCW) or on duty, only the most proven and reliable ammunition is acceptable.  Failure is never an option.  To be classified as Defensive Ammunition it must meet or exceed FBI requirements and do so consistently.

Federal LE and Speer LE ammunition for sale only to Law Enforcement and Municipalities. After placing your order please provide credentials to: [Please put your order number in the subject line of your email]

Please note there will be a 10% Service Charge on all orders cancelled because customers cannot verify their Law Enforcement and/or Municipality Credentials.