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TDS was built on the premise that there was no legal and therefore real reason the civilian market shouldn't be able to get the same quality defensive ammunition that was carried by Law Enforcement nationwide.  TDS was one of the original sources for Ranger, HST, and Gold Dot, in the "restricted" Law Enforcement Use Only 50 round packaging.

Since 2000 TDS has been testing and evaluating defensive ammunition.  Since day one we have prided ourselves on only offering those rounds that meet or exceed FBI requirements.  It doesnt matter what the manufacturer says or what's on the cover of the latest gun rag, if it doesnt perform, we wont sell it.  If it does hit the shelf you can be assured that we've tested it and found it performs a function. 

Whether for daily carry (CCW) or on duty, only the most proven and reliable ammunition is acceptable.  Failure is never an option.  To be classified as Defensive Ammunition it must meet or exceed FBI requirements and do so consistantly.  


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