Ammo 20 Gauge Lightfield Home Defender Double Ball 2-3/4" 67 Grain Two .60 Plastic Balls 5 Round Box 900 fps DBHD20

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The Home Defender 20 gauge Double Ball load is intended for close range defensive use. This load gives shooters an option not otherwise available in this caliber. This load can be used as a painful warning shot, but can also be lethal under some circumstances. Those who may be reluctant to shoot at another person even in their own defense can now control their personal space with greater confidence. This load also provides a greater margin of safety to innocent persons nearby or in adjoining rooms. 

The Twin .60 cal. balls have relatively high velocity but have relatively low mass. The available kinetic energy is shed quickly over distance. Penetration of the body is possible at close range. Some level of injury should be expected and can range from serious injury or death to painful welts or bruising. Results can vary based on the weapon used, distance to target, clothing, body weight and part the body is hit. Shots to the lower body, legs and arms are less likely to cause serious injury, while impacting the head, neck, spine and upper chest are more likely to be serious. Shots to parts of the body with large muscle groups, soft tissue or covered by clothing will have a lesser likelihood of penetrating.

Caliber: 20 Gauge
Shell Length: 2 3/4"
Kinetic Energy at muzzle: 120ft/lbs
Projectile Diameter: .60 caliber
Muzzle Velocity: 900 fps in 18" Barrel 
5 Rounds per Pack

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