Barnes VOR-TX .260 Remington Ammunition, 20 Rounds, TSX BT, 120 Grains 22010

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The new Tipped TSX features the same 100-percent copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank. It delivers the same gnats-eyelash accuracy and dead right there performance-but with an added polymer tip that boosts BC and improves long-range ballistics. The tip and a re-engineered nose cavity provide even faster expansion. Complete penetration, virtually 100-percent weight retention and four razor-sharp cutting petals that double bullet diameter means the new Tipped TSX creates more internal damage than any competing bullet. Instant expansion and perfect penetration ensures cleaner, quicker kills.

In 1932, Fred Barnes began selling bullets made in his Bayfield, Colorado basement workshop. Over the next 40 years, the company gained a solid reputation by offering premium bullets to hunters who rolled their own.” Today, Barnes offers a full line of ammunition and bullets to cater to the most discerning shooters and hunters. Product performance, innovation and passion forged their dreams for the business into reality.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: BB260XTBBT1
Caliber: .260 Remington
Bullet Type: Tipped TSX Boat Tail
Bullet Weight: 120 Grains
Rounds: 20 Rounds per Box
Muzzle Velocity: 2950 FPS
Muzzle Energy: 2319 ft/lbs
Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: 0.412
Casing: Copper
* Lead Free Tipped
* Reliable Primers
* Precision formed cases
* Clean Burning Powders
Uses: Hunting Medium Sized Game, Target Shooting

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