BARRETT FIELDCRAFT 3006 24″ (Field Tested) 16774-FT

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Barrett Fieldcraft - 30-06 Springfield - LIGHTWEIGHT HUNTING RIFLE:

Having spent decades perfecting firearms for defense, Barrett has set its sights on sportsmen and hunters with the ultralight Fieldcraft line of rifles. Designed to be carried long distances in the most demanding terrain, Fieldcraft firearms guarantee proven Barrett accuracy and reliability when you are ready to take the crucial shot. Its hand-laid carbon fiber stock is both lightweight and rigid, with every match-grade stainless steel barrel featuring the ideal length, twist rate, and contour to extract every last bit of performance from your chosen cartridge. With more than 10 calibers and barrel lengths to choose from, Fieldcraft has your next hunt covered.

Features & Design

  • Barrels are precision-honed, button-rifled and twice stress relieved
  • The bolt handle is attached to the bolt using a t-groove, rigidly fitted and pinned in place
  • Barrels and actions are made from 416 stainless steel
  • Each barreled action is fully hand-bedded to the stock
  • Fieldcraft actions are optimized and scaled for their specific caliber
  • All models come with a crisp single-stage Timney trigger
  • Adjustable single plane optics mounting
  • Hand-laid carbon fiber stock. Rigid and lightweight
  • Top-loaded 4 round blind magazine
  • The 2-position safety, with FIRE and SAFE settings, contains low profile geometry

Manufacturer: Barrett
Model: Fieldcraft
Type: Rifle
Caliber: 30-06
Barrel Length: 24″
Action: Bolt
Manufacturer code: 16774
UPC: 0816715017390


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