Buffalo Bore Anti-Personnel 44 Rem Mag 200 grain Hard Cast Wadcutter Pistol and Handgun Ammunition 4J/20

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This full profile wad cutter hard cast 44 magnum load was designed for the owners of 44 magnum firearms that choose to use those firearms for self-defense against humans. This load is specifically designed to permanently and quickly disable humans. The big flat wad cutter nose crushes living tissue, unlike mushroomed bullets that are slightly rounded on the nose and tend to slip and slide through living tissue. The crushing action of the flat nose keeps penetration straight and when penetration is straight, it is generally very deep - deep enough to obtain full penetration on the largest human from any angle. The hard cast nose will not deform at these velocities so the nose profile remains constant (flat, with a sharp shoulder) along with bullet path and terminal damage. Unlike our other Anti-Personnel 44 magnum loads, this one utilizes a hard cast bullet, which will not mushroom and the resulting penetration is very deep. Expect at least 24 inches of straight-line penetration in mammalian tissue, thus allowing this load to also serve well for the small to medium sized game such as deer, black bear, and even elk. This hard cast construction keeps your bore from being substantially lead fouled even after hundreds of rounds.


Manufacturer: Buffalo Bore
Model Number: 4J/20
Ammo Bullet Type: Hard Cast Wadcutter
Ammo Casing Type: Brass
Ammo Bullet Weight: 200 grain
Ammo Round Count: 20/Box
Caliber Multi: .44 Remington Magnum
Muzzle Energy: 751 lb/ft
Muzzle Velocity: 1300 fps
Application: Performance, Protection
Series/Collection: Anti-Personnel

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