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Henry Repeating Arms Golden Eagle Lever Action Rifle Rimfire .22 LR/L/S 20" Octagon Barrel 16 Rounds Engraved Receiver Adjustable Rear Sight Walnut Stock Nickel Plated Finish H004GE

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MSRP: $989.99
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The iconic Henry Lever Action is a western classic making it one of the most popular firearms on the market today. It shoots great, looks fantastic and is astonishingly affordable.  The Henry Golden Eagle is a beautifully engraved lightweight fully functional lever action rifle. It features a polished nickel receiver with Golden Eagle engravings. These rifles are sure to be collectors items!

It has an American walnut stock, an exceptionally smooth crisp action, and standard lever for reliable performance. This is a fantastic rifle for the serious small game hunter. The long 20" barrel is perfect for shooting distant targets or long range varmint hunting. It has an adjustable Marbles Semi-Buckhorn rear sight with a white diamond insert and a brass bead front sight for precision shot placement. If you're walking the fields or tracking varmints the Golden Eagle is the rifle you need. Bring home an American classic! Bring home a Henry!

In the movie business, sequels are rarely as good as the original. Hollywood takes a blockbuster, spins off two or three watered down versions of the successful formula, and rides it till it dies. Not so at Henry Repeating Arms, where we do just the opposite. We’re always on the lookout to expand our horizons, and we don’t water anything down.

The rimfire Silver Eagle we introduced as a “best value” in an engraved all-American-made rifle is a beauty for those who like a little shine at the range, and it’s also a fine shooter, as all of our Golden Boy-based rifles are. For 2016, we thought we’d let the Eagle soar a little higher, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with the introduction of the new Silver Eagle 2nd Edition, and its cousin, the Golden Eagle.

Retaining the same general features as the Silver Eagle, both new rifles are available in .22 S/L/LR in the same configurations with 20” blued octagon barrels, buck & bead adjustable sights, select American Walnut furniture, with the same magazine capacities.

The difference lies in the engraving, and we’ve taken a step away from the Silver Eagle’s historical roots to depict an actual majestic American eagle in flight, wings spread, facing forward into the wind on both sides of the receivers, surrounded by classic 19th Century scroll engraving patterns. The Silver Eagle 2nd Edition’s brightly polished nickeled frame is set off by a slightly darker immediate background for its eagle; the Golden Eagle uses high-relief 24K gold Left-handed shooters can safely use our lever action rifles to make its image pop in a more fully-engraved background, along with the words Golden Eagle in banners in an engraved panel on both sides.

Logical upgrades from our original Silver Eagle, both are fine examples of American craftsmanship that you can show and shoot with equal pride, and consider how a pair of these could brighten up your den, office, or living room in a matched set of our hardwood wall display cases. It’s OK to flaunt your prized Henry, and looking at it every day just may motivate you to shoot it more often. Which wouldn’t bother us at all.


Barrel Length:  20"
Barrel Type:  Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist:  1:16
Overall Length:  38.5"
Weight:  6.75 lbs.
Receiver Finish:  Nickel Plated
Rear Sight:  Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight:  Brass Bead
Scopeability:  Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type:  GB-CSM
Stock Material:  American Walnut
Buttplate/Pad:  Nickel Plated
Length of Pull:  14"
Safety:  1/4 Cock
Best Uses:  Target/Hunting/Collector
Embellishments/Extras:  Receiver Engraving with 24K Gold Plating.



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