Nosler Trophy Grade LR .308 Win Ammunition 20 Rounds 168 Grain AccuBond Bullet 2750fps 60101

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Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range ammunition is manufactured to Nosler's strictest quality standards. Nosler uses their own NoslerCustom Brass and Nosler Bullets to attain optimal performance, under any and all conditions. 

AccuBond Long Range bullets from Nosler rival even the best hand loads. The high performance boat tail design polymer tip and bonded core produces the extreme performance hunters and shooters have been searching for. They are the flattest shooting sleekest bonded core hunting round ever constructed. 

Some bullets fly far and some bullets expand well but only one bullet offers reliable expansion at short and long range while displaying high ballistic coefficient for a perfectly true flight. The gilded alloy jacket offers insignificant fouling over a pure copper alternative which means more reliable accuracy. The Nosler AccuBond offers reliability and accuracy, near or far. 

Case Length Checked
Necks Sized, Chamfered and Trued
Flash Holes Alignment Checked 
Meticulously Weighed Powder Charges 
Visually Inspected Finished Rounds 
High Performance Powder and Bullet Combination
Nosler Brass Cases

Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range 60131
.308 Winchester 
168 Grain AccuBond Bullet 
Polymer Tip 
Barrel Twist 1:10 
Velocity at Muzzle: 2750 fps 
Velocity at 100: yards 2604 fps 
Velocity at 300: Yards 2315 fps 
Velocity at 500: Yards 2045 fps 
Energy At Muzzle: 2820 ft/lbs 
Energy At 100 Yards: 2528 ft/lbs 
Energy At 300 Yards: 1999 ft/lbs 
Energy At 500 Yards: 1560 ft/lbs 
Uses: Deer, Elk, Medium to Large Game 

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