TiON Grenadier® Handgun Suppressor 9mm (Full Auto Rated) Titanium 7.4" Black G9B

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Tion Grenadier® Handgun Suppressor 9mm (Full Auto Rated) Titanium 7.4" Black G9B

Technology Behind Our Suppressors

TiON Minuteman, Grenadier and Dragoon suppressors are top-of-the-line, lightweight and completely serviceable. Extensive prototyping and testing has resulted in suppressors that feature Total Breakdown Technology (TBT), patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) and Quick Detach Technology (QD).

1. Total Breakdown Technology (TBT)

TBT permits every component to be removed for service and cleaning. Total Breakdown Technology (TBT) design allows every suppressor component to be removed from the suppressor tube/body for ease of cleaning and servicing each suppressor component. This technology allows the consumer to completely disassemble all suppressor components for cleaning and maintenance without any special tools or manufacturing equipment. All parts, including the piston housing, baffles and other piece parts disassemble and provides an unobstructed, smooth suppressor tube to be accessible for cleaning. As a result, the cleaning process is enhanced due to the ability to access all part surfaces.

2. Gas Indexing Technology (GIT)

GIT, available on our rimfire and pistol caliber handgun/rifle suppressors, allows reconfiguration of baffle stacks for much improved sound reduction throughout a variety of firearms.

Historically, consumers have been required to use any given suppressor in a fixed design configuration determined by the manufacturer. Our Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761] fundamentally changes this dynamic. GIT allows the consumer to reconfigure the suppressor baffle stack for improved sound reduction capabilities on different host firearms. Because of the pressure differences created by the length of the barrel, the ability to configure and reconfigure the baffle ports in relation to each other affects the silencer sound reduction performance. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given baffle stack for the purpose of improving sound reduction as the consumer transfers a given suppressor from a high pressure to a low pressure or low pressure to high pressure host firearm. A specific example of performance improvement is the .22LR handgun versus the .22LR rifle. When the suppressor baffle ports are aligned in a straight orientation they perform best on the handgun (high pressure); and when the baffle stack orients each successive baffle (turned) 90 degrees creating a spiral configuration, they perform best on the rifle (low pressure). Thus, the consumer can reconfigure the baffle ports any number of times as he/she transfers the suppressor back and forth between a handgun and a rifle. GIT Technology applies to TiON’s rimfire and pistol caliber handgun/rifle suppressors but does NOT apply to the centerfire rifle caliber suppressor line. The internal pressures of the centerfire rifle calibers are such that this technology is not applicable.

3. Quick Detach Technology (QD)

Proprietary QD technology eliminates point of impact and repeatablility problems encountered with other, standard mounting systems. Our proprietary Quick Detach (QD) Mounting System eliminates Point of Impact (POI) and Repeatability issues associated with mounting systems using course threads/ratcheting attachment methods. TiON’s robust system accomplishes the mating of the rifle mount to the suppressor with two beveled and parallel shoulders against its counterpart surfaces in the muzzle end of the suppressor body. Additionally, the surfaces are maintained in tight interface with the use of a special retention nut which pulls the surfaces together and locks them in place until removal. One handed attachment and/or removal is achieved in one to two seconds.


In 1776 the 26thContinental Regiment, under the command of ColonelJames Wesson and Captain Thomas Mighill, was one of the first regiments of the Continental Army to outfit a grenadier company. The grenadier uniform included a brown coat with buff facings similar to the British with waistcoats and breeches of white cloth. Under the command of Captain Thomas Mighill, the company wore the traditional grenadier’s mitre cap.  Embroidered on the red cap were the Roman numerals “XXVI” and the cipher “GW”, for George Washington. The 26thRegiment was referred to as the “George Washington Regiment”. The 26thRegiment under the command of Colonel Loammi Baldwin and Lieutenant Colonel James  Wesson distinguished itself at the Battle of Throg’s Neck and the Battle of Pell’s Point, holding off a much larger British force to allow George Washington to withdraw from Manhattan to White Plains where the 26th Regiment joined George Washington for battle. The 26th Regiment also participated in both the crossing and the fight at the Battle of Trenton.

Grenadier® 9mm and 9mm CQB Handgun Caliber Suppressors

Second in TION’s family of revolutionary suppressors is our Grenadier handgun suppressor. Like Minuteman it uses our patented Gas Indexing Technology (GIT) [U.S. Patent 9,410,761]. GIT allows the rotational orientation of baffles as one relates to the next in a given stack to take advantage of differences in pressures between handguns and rifles. This provides optimum sound reduction on a host of different firearms as you re-configure stacks when transferring the suppressor between a handgun and a rifle. All Grenadier models come with mount of your choice. See Grenadier Piston and Mount Kits for available options. Available in two models: Grenadier 9mm and Grenadier 9mm CQB.

Grenadier® Benefits

  • TBT allows 100% of parts to be disassembled for easy cleaning and servicing.
  • Extreme strength/durability derived from 100% Titanium construction.
  • Field strip and assemble with standard tools.
  • Available in Black, FDE or Natural Polished Titanium finishes.

Grenadier® Features

  • Rated from 9mm to .300 Whisper Blackout. Full auto rated for 9mm.
  • 1.375” diameter.
  • The most durable .45 and 9mm suppressors in the marketplace.