Winchester 5.56mm M855 NATO Ammo 62 Grain Green Tip FMJ 500 Rounds WM855500

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Winchester 5.56x45mm M855 Green-Tip Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. Rifle Ammunition USA855K WM855500 - 500 Round Box (20 Round Boxes)


Take your range training and shooting competitions to the next level with this Winchester 5.56x45mm M855 Green Tip Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. Rifle Ammunition. This 5.56x45mm NATO Ammo developed by Winchester are made with high-quality brass cartridge cases and are guaranteed to provide consistent precision with every shot. Winchester 5.56 Full Metal Jacket 62 gr. Centerfire Rifle Ammo delivers a muzzle velocity of 3,060 ft/s, and we have bulk ammo options available for high-volume shooters. Stay on target and dominate the competition while using Winchester 5.56x45mm NATO FMJ 62 gr. Rifle Ammunition.


M855 is often called "green tip" ammo. The tip of the projectile is marked green to denote a steel "penetrator" in the lead core. This type of ammo is often prohibited for use at indoor shooting ranges.

Winchester M855 Penetrator 5.56x45mm NATO features 62 grain green tip full metal jacket bullets. This Winchester ammo is more effective at penetrating hard targets. The US made M855 is painted with a green tip in order to distinguish the M855 from the M193 so that US Military troops do not shoot M855 in their 1:12" twist barreled M16's which would end up failing to properly stabilize the heavier and longer M855 bullet.

To millions of gun and ammo enthusiasts worldwide, the name “Winchester” means quality and high-performance by the most complete and versatile line of ammunition in the world. Winchester ammunition products have a long history of innovation behind them and have set the worlds standard in superior shooting performance. Their Winchester M-22 22LR ammo as well as many others calibers use advanced technology to produce high quality ammo for everybody. To stay competitive in today's market, Winchester uses their value pack ammunition to meet the demand of price conscious buyers. In the end, regardless of what the sport, game or circumstances surrounding you, you can always depend on every cartridge in the Winchester Ammunition line to perform as promised.

MPN/SKU: WM855500

UPC: 020892229280

Brand: Winchester
Ammo Type: Centerfire
Series: USA Lake City
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Rounds Per Box: 500
Box Per Case: 2
Lead Free: No
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Green Tip
Bullet Weight: 62
Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 3,020

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